Hair Transplant in Mysore

Have you wondered that when can be the right time to have a hair transplant in Mysore? It may be surprising to hear that there are particular times in a year that are better than others!

By choosing your transplant date properly, you may find better results and get an easier healing time. If you are curious to know why, when, and if it matters, here is everything you want to know.

Why do some People think Summer is best?

When it is about finding the best time to have a hair transplant in Mysore, the general opinion is that it is the warmer months. Most people go to clinics far from their home to get the best service, which is simpler in the sun than snow!

Summer is a season when there is no issue to have some time off of work and break your routine. If you need to have time off work to heal your scalps, it is better in the summer months as there is a connection between stress & hair loss. If you have children, it will be better not to have to do the school run while recovering.

There are several reasons for summer to be the ideal time for a transplant; however, what are the experts’ opinions?

Is Summer actually the best time for a Hair Transplant?

Although there is nothing wrong with having a hair transplant in summer, it is not the best time. It will not fail your transplant; however, there are more things to look for when it comes to recovery.

During summer, you sweat a lot, which makes the recovery process a little tricky. To prevent the bacteria from your sweat from being a problem, you may have to clean the area daily or avoid activities that can make you sweat.

It is best if you are careful with sun exposure as you do not want your scalp to get exposed to dangerous UV rays.

It is not wrong to get a hair transplant during summer but know that a few days inside a colder climate can ease your recovery.

Winter is the best time for a Hair Transplant

You will not sweat a lot during winter and keeping your scalp clean will be easier.

Your lifestyles change during winter. Rather than going out and playing sports and sunbathing, you are more likely to remain inside. It shows that your routine will be less affected, making the recovery process a lot simpler! You may not crave for a swim in the sea or look for shade at the beach, so your recovery can be less of a hassle.

Having your hair transplant surgery during winter is less likely to interrupt your lifestyle. You will spend most of your time indoors during winter. So, having a hair transplant surgery in winter will less likely affect your routine and your pocket, and you will have a smooth recovery process.

Wearing hats during the winter months is a normal thing for many, which is a good camouflage for your surgery. Another benefit of choosing winter for hair transplant surgery is that your grafts are all developed till summertime. You will be ready for the summer outdoor activities with a set of new hairs.

When summer arrives, you should see the new hair growth so you can head out with satisfaction and new confidence!

It’s All Up to you

There can be many factors that affect when you go for your hair transplant. The final decision is up to you and, as long as you maintain the aftercare, the time you choose should not affect your recovery too much. You may have to be more careful in the summer, but if that is the time that suits you best, then you should go for it!

The important thing you can do is choose the correct hair transplant surgeon in Mysore. Make an appointment with a surgeon who is experienced, qualified, and trusted which is the right way to make sure your transplant is a huge success.

They can consider all of your lifestyle requirements and let you know the correct time and way to proceed with your surgery.

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