Haircare Tips

You CAN fight hair loss no matter how early it hits you. Hair loss is best combatted when addressed quickly. Our experienced Hair loss Consultants will evaluate in detail the condition of your scalp and hair and recommend the most suitable procedure or combination of procedures to return you to a head full of hair. Here are few hair care tips:

  • The first step in hair-care is your diet. And the most important things in your diet are: Iron and Protein. Hair cells are the fastest growing cells in the body and hence they are the first to suffer when you don’t eat right.
  • Its normal to lose 100 to 150 strands of hair a day, so don’t panic when you see a small bunch gliding across your tiles.
  • Be gentle. Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage. Take a broad toothed comb and run it from the roots to the ends of your hair with extreme care.
  • Trim your hair every few weeks to get rid of those brown and rough split ends. Cut about 1/4th an inch of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid the split ends to grow out again.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day and whenever you do, apply some conditioner on the ends. Try to stick to the same brand of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Rinse the conditioner off with cold water as it is good for both strength and shine.
  • For those of you with dry hair, our advice is to avoid colouring, straightening and other saloon procedures.
  • Do spend some time on reading the contents of your shampoo and other hair products, as some ingredients may be harmful for your hair.

Skin Care Tips

The flawless, blemish and acne-free skin that you’ve always desired is no more a dream, but reality. Here are brilliant face care tips to get that glow you’ve always wanted. Tackle your skincare issues and follow our tricks regularly to get beautiful skin naturally. Excited, happy or stressed, it’s your face that gives you away. So we’ve rounded up expert tips on daily skin care, keeping blemishes at bay and enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you have time for intensive skin care or not, pamper yourself by acing the basics.

  1. Golden rule of skin care is CSM- Cleansing-moisturizing -sunscreen. Any type of skin, dry, oily, sensitive, non-sensitive, and dead skin, this alone is enough to have a healthy skin.
  2. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead cells on the face. Dead cells remain in the outermost part of the skin giving it a dull appearance.
  3. Apply sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Since a lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems, you have to protect your skin from the sun. Make sure the label reads ‘noncomedogenic’ or ‘nonacnegenic’ so that the product does not tend to block pores.
  4. Keep a note of what you put on your plate. Eat fresh fruits, greens, sufficient protein and vitamins. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar promotes radiant skin. Consider a low-sugar diet, which can keep insulin levels down, allowing cells to maintain a healthy balance.
  5. Exercise regularly. Running, jogging and yoga will give your body the necessary blood circulation, and also accelerate the cleansing process of your entire body. You will notice a glow on your face after working out.
  6. Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. If you don’t get enough shut eye, your skin gets tired just like you – it sags and you get bags. So don’t risk it.
  7. Hydrate yourself. Drink lots of water daily, at least 8 glasses if not more. Also, eats fruits and vegetables that have a high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, orange, strawberry and grapefruit.
  8. Make sure you always remove your makeup before sleeping. The skin needs to breathe overnight and makeup prevents that, as leaving it on overnight clogs the pores which may cause blemishes and/or blackheads
  9. Wash your face with warm water, three times a day and gently massage your face in circular motions, ensuring that the cleanser contains alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid. This will provide relief from acne and give a clear skin otherwise. Stop playing with the pimples, this is very important to prevent pigmentation and scars.
  10. Take out time for yourself, and try to avoid stress as much as possible. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, you tend to break out more? This is because stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones, making the skin more oily. Practice stress management techniques like breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. The more you meditate, the more you radiate