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Is it difficult for you to grow your beard naturally? Is it hampering your self-confidence?

Do you envy other guys who have thinker and denser beard?

Well, we have a solution for you! Through a beard transplant in Mysore, you can get your desired beard hair naturally.

Our head Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Manas S N is a renowned doctor in this field. He is having the experience of more than five years in treating beard transplant successfully in Mysore. We at Reniu Clinic have the best team of talented and well-experienced doctors and technicians. We are the best clinic for beard hair transplant near you.

Our treatment complies with the modern standards of medical science. We use the best tools to perform the procedures to give outstanding results. Whatever may be the situation of your beard, you will be happy after the treatment.


It is an accepted fact that a beard is an essential element for men’s overall look. In some of the communities and cultures, the beard has more value than their hair on the head.

Nowadays, it has become trendy to have a thick and bold beard line for a younger look. However, many men are not able to grow a thick beard naturally.

You may have tried different tropical cosmetics beforehand. Yet you did not get the result you wanted. At this point, beard hair replacement is the best option for you.

Beard Hair Transplant

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What is a beard transplant?

Beard hair transplant is a form of treatment for hair restoration, which is very famous in men nowadays.

It is a harmless cosmetic operation which needs a minimum amount of time to perform. At the same time, it provides a long-lasting outcome and easy surgical recovery.

Dr. Manas S N implants healthy hair follicles into your scanty beard area. He extracts those follicles from the healthy donor area beforehand.
The newly transplanted hair looks like your hair. Within a few months, it gives you the perfect density in your face.

What is the procedure?

In beard transplant, under local anaesthesia, the surgeon extracts hair grafts from the donor area and implants it into the bald beard region. The donor area can be your scalp or your jawline depending on the availability of sufficient grafts.

Here we have mentioned the procedure for Scalp to Beard – Transplant:

  1. Your head and facial beard are shaved at first.
  2. Local anaesthesia is given on the scalp as well as on the face.
  3. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) method is used for a beard transplant at our clinic.

We extract the hair grafts from the sides or the back of your head and implant them one at a time in your beard area. Once the hair grows, with regular shaving, the hair gets rough and looks like a natural beard. Since the scalp has more hair grafts compared to the jawline, it can help you to get maximum beard density.

The procedure for using jawline hair grafts for beard transplant is the same as scalp to a beard hair transplant. The only difference is that the jawline hair has similar characteristics as the beard. Hence, the beard will look more natural.

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The number of grafts you require

On average, you will need 900 hair grafts for your complete beard hair transplantation. It differs from person to person, hence we suggest you consult our doctor to understand how many grafts you will require to get your desired result.

What is the cost of beard transplant?

The cost of a beard transplant varies from patient to patient depending on the number of grafts required for implantation.

*Disclaimer: The cost is subject to change depending on various factors. Hence, contact the centre to know the exact cost.

Benefits of beard hair transplant:

  • Beard hair transplant is a minimally invasive treatment which gives permanent results.
  • It is the least painful procedure.
  • The treatment takes only 2 to 6 hours to complete. So, you do not need to stay in the clinic overnight.
  • The recovery time is significantly less in comparison to the other surgical treatments.
  • There are no long-term side effects.
  • Transplanted hair grows just as your natural beard.
  • You can shave and style your beard regularly as per your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the side effects of a beard transplant?

    There are no such long-term side effects related to beard hair transplantation. Very rarely you may feel:

    • Swelling
    • Itching and irritation
    • Redness and soreness
    • Mild inflation and infection

    We will prescribe medicines that will help to recover in few days.

  • Is the treatment painful?

    The treatment is not painful. Dr Manas Jain uses local anaesthesia before surgery to numb your treatment area. Hence, you will not feel anything while the procedure is performed.

  • What are the post-surgery care I need to take?

    You need to follow the following steps right after the treatment-

    1. Do not go for swimming until your doctor advises.
    2. Wait for at least ten days before shaving after the hair transplant surgery.
    3. Avoid exposure to the sun.
    4. Take all the medicines as your doctor prescribes.
    5. You may face mild bruising, swelling, redness, or infection. Do not worry; these will go after a few days.
  • What are the steps you need to follow before your surgery?

    You need to follow the following steps before your treatment-

    • Stop taking medicines containing blood thinner
    • Avoid smoking and drinking
    • Do not have caffeine on the date of your surgery
    • Take vitamin C regularly before your surgery
  • Who can avail the treatment?

    Any person who is suffering from a thin beard or no beard can avail the treatment. The minimum age requirement is 20 years.