Are you suffering from hair loss?

Is your hair loss hampering your personality and confidence?

Visit Reniu Clinic in Mysore to experience thinning hair regrow with Mesotherapy Hair Treatment in Mysore.

Why choose Reniu Clinic for hair Mesotherapy?

  • Dr Manas S N, the founder of Reniu Clinic, is an expert hair transplant surgeon in Mysore.
  • He has performed 1000+ hair transplants within five years. Through his expertise, he has provided excellent results to the patients.
  • At Reniu Clinic, we satisfy your expectations of having thick and glossy hair by providing the best Mesotherapy Hair Treatment in Mysore.
  • Our well-trained and highly experienced hair experts are efficient in executing various hair restoration procedures to promote your hair growth and boost your confidence.
  • We offer efficient and reasonable hair loss and hair restoration treatment. We ensure the extreme safety of our clients while performing hair mesotherapy treatment.

Are you wondering what is hair mesotherapy and its purpose?

Then let’s know, 

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy hair treatment is a non-surgical hair treatment that can help regrow your thinning hair and make them shinier and denser. It is a painless method used in the treatment of hair loss, hair cancer and other hair diseases. It delivers nutrients directly to the hair roots by injection. It uses a combination of special shampoos and conditioners that topically treat the health of your hair.

How is hair mesotherapy performed at Reniu Clinic?

  • Our professionals at Reniu Clinic perform hair mesotherapy under experienced and qualified supervision.
  • The experts of the Reniu Clinic have extensive experience in hair mesotherapy and other hair care treatments.
  • The mixtures used in this method are prepared and planned according to the needs of each individual.
  • Our expert injects a solution of minoxidil, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and herbal extract into the affected mesoderm layer of the scalp.
  • The nutrients in the solution stimulate hair regrowth by enhancing blood circulation and inducing the production of collagen to reduce hair loss.
  • Mesotherapy is applied at 10-15 days of intervals depending on the condition and type of hair loss.

What is the cost of hair mesotherapy in Mysore?

The hair mesotherapy cost in Mysore depends on the number of sessions required, the ingredients used for the procedure and the extent of the treatment area. At Reniu Clinic, we provide effective as well as affordable hair mesotherapy treatment. To know more, book an appointment.

How beneficial is hair mesotherapy?

  • Hair Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, faster and affordable way for hair growth.
  • It improves hair quality, reduces hair loss and also leads to the development of a new hair follicles.
  • It also stimulates hair growth, reduces inflammation and promotes tissue reconstruction, which has a direct effect on hair follicles.
  • This treatment brings skin cells closer together, where hair spots can look blotchy.
  • It tightens the skin making the scalp of the hair look much fuller.

If someone in Mysore is looking for mesotherapy to treat hair loss, they can visit our Reniu Clinic and get treated from our hair loss experts. We will arrange a consultation with our hair loss experts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is not eligible for hair Mesotherapy?

    You should not consider hair mesotherapy if you:

    • are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • are on anticoagulants
    • are allergic to the medicines used in mesotherapy
    • have cardiac, liver, kidney, or pancreatic disease
    • have abrasion or infection in the area that needs therapy
  • Is hair mesotherapy painful?

    If done by a certified hair professional, it is a painless hair regrowth treatment.

  • When are the effects of hair mesotherapy visible?

    The effects of hair mesotherapy treatment may vary among individuals. Mostly, the results are visible after two to three months of therapy.

  • Is there a need for special maintenance after the mesotherapy?

    Hair mesotherapy may limit the need for other expensive and invasive hair restoration methods. Yet, you must take a nutritious diet for better results and follow a fitness regimen, as suggested by your doctor.

  • When can one wash their hair after mesotherapy?

    One can wash their hair with their routine shampoo after 24 hours of mesotherapy.

  • How long do mesotherapy results last?

    For best results, we recommend a course of around six to ten treatments. After completing the recommended course, the results can last from twelve to eighteen months.

  • How many sessions of mesotherapy are needed for hair?

    Mesotherapy sessions depend on different factors like the grade of baldness etc. We recommend doing around 10 sessions of hair mesotherapy treatment for effective results.

  • Which is better- Mesotherapy or PRP for hair?

    PRP and Mesotherapy are both feasible hair solutions that can lead to great results when used in tandem.

    Both are safer, less costly and less invasive approaches to hair transplant procedures. However, PRP is most often used to speed up the healing process after hair transplant treatment. After hair transplant surgery, mesotherapy can be used to maintain favorable results. Know more in detail here.