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Beard hair transplant treatment is getting massive attention these days. People in Mysuru, Karnataka, are opting for beard hair transplant treatment with high enthusiasm. It gives an enhanced masculine appearance to the men in Mysuru. After all, it has a connection with the present trend of having a prominent and thick beard.

Previously, it used to be a notion that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are for women. But there is a change in this notion for the past few years. As a result, men who are not satisfied with their beards are availing for beard hair transplant treatment.

Many options are available for your beard hair transplant in Mysuru. But identifying the best option for you is a tough job.

We at Reniu Clinic provide you with a personalized treatment plan for your aesthetic requirements.

Before availing of a beard transplant treatment in Mysuru, you should know the following things about the treatment.

What exactly is a beard transplant treatment?

In simple words, bread transplant treatment refers to a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Here, we extract the healthy hair follicles from your donor area and then implant them into the beard area of your face.

We perform both FUE and FUT methods to undergo your beard hair transplant surgery. In both ways, the technique of implanting the beard hair is the same. The only difference is in the extraction technique.

In the FUE technique, we use a punch tool to extract each hair follicle from your donor area. So, it consumes time to perform the extraction procedure. It is instrumental in avoiding any scar on your donor region. On the other hand, FUT techniques a cutting of strip in your donor area.

When can you opt for a beard transplant treatment?

You can get a denser and more prominent beard line on your face by offering beard hair transplant treatment. Hence, anybody who wants to have a thick density in their beard and ready to undergo beard transplant surgery can avail of the same.

Along with this, if you have no beard or you have lost your beard due to a specific reason, then you may undergo the treatment. The reasons can be any of the followings-

  • Certain accident
  • The chemical reaction from any cosmetics
  • Side effects of any medication
  • Due to any disease (like cancer or autoimmune disease)
  • Skin problems
  • Alopecia

But it would be best if you remembered that, before having the surgery, you need to qualify for the requirements.

To know the requirements, book an appointment with us now.

Where do we get the healthy hair grafts?

Well, your scalp and area below the jawline are the most suitable area for your beard hair transplant. The hair grafts below the jawline have similar features as your beard. So, we prefer it at first.

But the main problem with this area is, the number of hair follicles is not sufficient for some patients. So, we go for the rear part of your scalp in search of healthy hair follicles.

If the rear part of your scalp does not have enough hair follicles, we extract hair follicles from other parts of your body. It includes your chest, legs, underarms, etc.

What about the result of your beard hair transplant?

Like any other hair transplant treatment, beard hair transplant treatment also gives you a permanent result. After the transplantation procedure, you will see that the newly transplanted hairs are falling out. It is a good sign.

It denotes that your skin is accepting the newly implanted hair. Hence, you will see the regrowth in your beard hair after a few months from your surgery.

How much time will it consume to perform the procedure?

Well, the required hours of surgery depend on the number of hair grafts you want to implant in your beard area. In some cases where you want to have a full-face bead hair transplant with thick density, you may require more than one session as well.

So, how long does it take for the recovery?

In the case of a speedy recovery, post-surgery care is critical. Post-surgery care is home-based, and there is no need for you to stay in the clinic overnight. You can even return to your regular activities after the treatment. But you need to follow the advice of your doctor thoroughly. Take all the medications properly.

What are the risks associated with a beard hair transplant?

There is no risk at all in beard hair transplant treatment when performed by an experienced cosmetologist. You may experience a little bleeding, inflammation, swelling in your donor region after the treatment. Eventually, all of these will go away.

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