Scabs after a Hair Transplant

In a hair transplant surgery, your hair is transplanted from one part of your scalp to another. The hair is taken from your scalp’s donor area and implanted in the recipient area or bald patches.

Your hair transplant surgeon will make small incisions on your scalp for extracting grafts. Graft extraction is completed with the help of either an FUE or FUT procedure.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction contains relatively few and smaller wounds. That is the reason it needs less time to heal after this process.

In FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation, the surgeon takes out a strip from your scalp. This strip is made into small units, and the grafts are extracted. This process needs an extended recovery time.

When these wounds begin to get better, you start to see scabbing on your scalp. Why do such scabs form? And how can they be taken out?

Why do Scabs form on Your Scalp?

First, you need to understand what these scabs are; as mentioned before, your surgeon will make small incisions on your scalp in the grafting process. This can cause the formation of the scab on your scalp. It needs a couple of days for the scabs to cure. Mostly, such scabs start to form three days after the surgery.

You may get bothered due to such scabs. Still, do not worry; this is a part of your hair transplant recovery process. Scabs often fall off in seven to fourteen days. Sometimes scabs do not fall on their own; in these conditions, you can remove the scabs by cleaning your hair.

Still, it is best if you remember the things mentioned below while dealing with scabs:

  • Avoid scratching your scalp to get rid of your scabs
  • Do not remove them at least for a week
  • Avoid touching your scalp and transplanted grafts. It can cause your grafts to get damaged
  • Prevent removing them with your nails as it may make the transplanted grafts to fall off
  • For the first five days following the surgery, spray normal saline water on your scalp

How to take care of your Scalp and Remove Scabs?

Usually, the first hair wash is done three days following the surgery. Only use mild shampoo when you are washing your hair. Gently shampoo your scalp, and using lukewarm water, rinse it.

After seven to eight days, scabs begin to fall on their own. Allow scabs to fall off by themselves. If scabs do not fall off even after ten days, speak to your hair transplant surgeon.

You can perform a massage on your scalp after fifteen days. During this time, the follicles get firmly attached to your scalp and have a proper blood supply.

What can you do about the Scabs on your Scalp?

The following are some points to note:

  • You do not have to do anything to take out the scabs; they naturally fall off after drying.
  • Some specialists say to their patients to soak their heads in a bathtub. For this, you can use warm water and baby oil.
  • Soak your scalp for a minimum of forty-five minutes to decrease the scabbing. Gently massage your scalp only if your specialist has suggested a scalp massage.
  • Massage your scalp as it can decrease the healing time and decreases the scabbing.
  • Prevent using your nails when massaging your scalp.
  • Note that you should not pick at your scabs when you are massaging. Scabs are attached to the transplanted hair firmly; picking at them can damage your grafts.
  • Do not touch your scalp for at least the first four days following the transplant. Many people get confused with scabs and crusts.

Dried blood is known as scabs, and dead graft tissue is known as crusts. You can remove scabs and crusts easily using a shampoo. If scabs and crusts do not fall off on their own, then talk with your specialist. They will recommend the right treatment and medicine.

Avoid trying any home remedies as they cause infections on your scalp and fail your hair transplant. It would be best if you also took some precautions after a hair transplant:

  • It is best if you prevent from smoking and alcohol for a minimum of three days after the surgery
  • Do not take any vitamin supplements, antibiotics, aspirin, or painkillers
  • Rest for a minimum of one week following the surgery
  • Do not sit down or stand for much longer as this may cause the swelling to spread on your face
  • Lie on your back when you are sleeping
  • Prevent using a hairdryer

Follow the guidelines your doctor has given you.

It is natural for scabs to occur after a hair transplant. This is a part of the healing process, like any medical procedure. So do not worry; allow scabs to fall off on their own. If the scabs do not fall off, then discuss this with your hair transplant specialist.

Consume a balanced and healthy diet, keep your scalp clean, and take the required precautions. The hair transplant you have will be successful.

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