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“Lockdown extends in Mysore!”

Isn’t this news stressful?

Everything about Covid 19 is stressful! Right from newspaper headlines to financial problems! Covid 19 has caused stress in all aspects of our life. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand whether covid cases are more or stress is more?

Yes, if covid 19 has made its place in the world and our minds, then stress has also made its own place in the world and our minds! In fact, it has made a bigger place for itself! More than coronavirus, we live with the virus called stress and anxiety! And it is a much bigger virus than coronavirus! Because it is the cause of all major health problems! It does not only lead to loss of happiness but also loss of hair!

Yes, hair loss is one of the major problems caused by stress! And hair loss due to stress in covid- 19 lockdown is on a rise in Mysore! With a surge in Covid cases, there is also a surge in hair loss cases as an increase in covid cases leads to increased stress which further leads to hair loss! Covid-19 has not only led to the loss of job, loss of health and happiness!

It has also led to the loss of hair by increasing stress! And hair loss causes further stress! Yes, hair loss is the effect as well as the cause of stress! So, it is very important to treat the problem of hair loss!

But how?

By visiting a hair transplant clinic in Mysore.

The best hair clinic in Mysore offers various solutions to treat the problem of hair loss such as a hair transplant treatment.

There are also a variety of other solutions that help to treat the problem of hair loss.

But before we come to the solutions, first let us understand more about stress-related hair loss and its types.

What are the different types of stress-related hair loss in Covid-19?

Stress isn’t the only cause of hair loss. High amounts of stress induce three forms of hair loss. The following are the details:

Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium (TE) is a condition in which the number of hair follicles producing hair decreases. This alteration can cause shedding if it occurs during the telogen — or resting — phase of hair growth. The length of time it takes for your hair to regrow is determined by the cause of TE. In the event of severe hair loss, a hair transplant surgeon in Mysore should be consulted.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss. When your immune system destroys your hair follicles, it causes a condition known as alopecia. One of the most common causes of this sort of hair loss is stress.

Although there is no known treatment for AA, several prescription drugs may be beneficial. In the event of severe hair loss, a hair transplant surgeon in Mysore should be consulted.


The hair-pulling disorder is also known as trichotillomania. It is characterized by the desire to remove hair from your scalp or other regions of your body. It’s classified as an impulsive behavior disorder. Hair tugging from the scalp, brows, and eyelashes is common, resulting in greater stress and further hair loss. In the event of severe hair loss, a hair transplant surgeon in Mysore should be consulted.

Is hair loss caused by stress permanent?

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your hair due to stress; it’s not permanent! Hair loss can be controlled with the right therapy and care.


Controlling hair loss can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The following are a few of them:

Healthy Eating

“Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy,” as the saying goes.

To prevent hair loss, you must eat healthy foods and maintain a well-balanced diet. Essential vitamins and nutrients must be included in your diet.

Also, make sure you’re getting enough water and staying hydrated.

Stress reduction

All serious ailments are caused by stress. In today’s chaotic environment, stress management is critical for living a better, healthier, and happier life.

Hair loss is primarily caused by stress. After all, how can there be room for your hair if you walk about with tension on your head? As a result, stress management is critical in the fight against hair loss. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to live with a head full of tension or a head full of hair. If you had to pick between stress and hair, which would you choose? If you choose your hair, continue reading to learn how to manage stress and prevent hair loss.

How do you deal with stress?


We can cope with stress in the following ways:

Exercise and Yoga:

Regular exercise and Yoga help us to relax and de-stress. Going for a stroll can be beneficial in terms of stress reduction and management.


Devoting time to activities that you enjoy might make you happier and lessen stress. It is critical to carve out time from your busy schedule to accomplish activities that you enjoy and are interested in. It might be anything that piques your attention, such as drawing, dancing, or anything else.


Meditation allows you to disconnect from your busy and stressful life and reconnect with your inner self. It establishes a link between you and tranquility. It aids in the reduction of stress.


Affirmations and positive thinking are essential in alleviating stress and assisting us in living a happy life. Positive thinking and affirmations can be quite beneficial in reducing stress.

So, by managing the cause of the problem, we can manage the problem! The cause of the problem can also be the cause of the solution! Because it is the cause of the problem that leads us to the solution of the problem! The cause is the path to reach the solution! In this case, stress is the cause of hair loss. But stress, the cause only leads us to the solution of the problem.

The solution lies in the cause of the problem. So, by finding the cause of the problem, we automatically find the solution to the problem. The knowledge that stress is the cause of hair loss automatically takes us to the solution of hair loss, i.e., stress management.

If the cause of the problem can lead us to problems and cause darkness it can also lead us to solutions and cause brightness! It is the light that helps us seek the solution and brightens our life! So, now as stress the cause of hair loss has led you to the solution- stress-management, it is time for you to implement the solution!

Topical treatments

Hair loss can be treated with a variety of topical creams, oils, and other products.

  • Minoxidil Topical (Rogaine). Topical minoxidil is a drug that can be purchased over the counter (OTC). It comes in the form of a cream, a spray, or foam.
  • Corticosteroids: Prednisone and other topical corticosteroids assist to control hair loss.

If you are still suffering from stress-related hair loss even after trying out the above solutions, then it is advisable to get a hair transplant treatment done by the best hair surgeon in Mysore.


If your hair loss is caused due to stress in Covid 19, don’t worry, it is not permanent, though stress is permanent! Yes, one cannot completely eradicate stress from their lives but can manage stress and control their hair loss. The cause is permanent, but the problem can be made temporary by managing stress and by using other techniques to control hair loss.

If in case you see no improvement, kindly seek help from a hair transplant clinic in Mysore. They can help you in controlling your hair loss and help you seek proper treatment.

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