Eyelash hair transplant

Insufficient and less thickness of hair in your eyelash territory can be the cause of worry for you. The reason behind this insufficiency can be so many.

Beginning from hormonal complications, heredity, side effects of any specific medicine, accident, any of these complications may lead you to less hair in your eyelash territory.

Thus, if you search for an effective solution to get lovely eyelashes, you ought to select an eyelash hair to relocate treatment.

Much of the time, the female counterpart of the society prefers to have eyelash hair relocate treatment get a more excellent and alluring eyelash.

While picking the hair transplant facility and specialist, you will see that numerous choices are accessible there on the lookout. However, the best result can only be achieved if an experienced surgeon does the treatment.

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Already you may have used different over-the-counter restorative items like fake eyelash enhancer and other things. Yet, nothing could give you a lasting solution. Alongside that, the method of using those artificial eyelash enhancers is not so easy.

Each time you require a lot of precision to fix the counterfeit eyelash on your eyelids at the exact spot. As a result, you may experience various unwanted problems in your eyes.

Thus, it is smarter to have a perpetual answer for these ordinary inconveniences.

So, what is an eyelash hair transplant treatment?

An eyelash hair relocation treatment is the same as other hairs relocate a medical procedure. The solitary distinction is here you will require high precession from our primary care physician. The zone where the medical process will occur is your eyes.

Thus, it will require additional consideration. Once more, fixing the extricated hair follicles at a specific angle is another issue unless your recently embedded hairs will appear to be unique from your regular eyelash hairs.

Our primary care physician extricates the necessary number of appropriate hair follicles from the benefactor territory and implants them into your eyelids.

Now that we have discussed the concept of eyelash hair transplant treatment, we should explain the procedure.

Indeed, you will encounter the accompanying things during your eyelash hair relocation treatment alongside the excellent outcomes.

  • Shaving and cleaning of your contributor area, which is, for the most part, the rear of your scalp.
  • Application of sedation to the benefactor area of your scalp. It will assist you in facilitating the torment during the extraction of solid hair follicles.
  • Then we go for extraction of your hair follicles.
  • Here, we like to play out the FUE hair relocate treatment technique since it doesn’t need any strip trim.
  • The most critical part of this treatment is embedding the separated hair follicles in your eyelids with thorough care and accuracy.
  • That is the reason our hair relocation specialist fixes the separated hair follicles individually. Accordingly, it requires a long tenure to finish the medical procedure.
  • In most cases, we go for 50 to 100 free hairs to do the medical procedure, as per your requirements.
  • You will see that the recently relocated hair follicles will go away after a few treatment days. However, they will develop again in a couple of months.

However, you need to take proper care and maintain your eyelashes because they will continue to grow your scalp hair. It would help if you managed them regularly to keep them fit as per your requirements.

Your eyes are vital organs of your face. Your expressions and communications directly depend on your eyes. While having a conversation, you always look into the person next to you.

 So, why should you avail an eyelash hair transplant treatment? 

Indeed, the favourable circumstances are many-

  • It is the treatment that can provide you with enduring outcomes.
  • The treatment will not bring any side effects.
  • Your eyelashes will become as same as your regular eyelash.
  • You will get an appropriate length and thickness in your eyelash.
  • It shields your eyes from residue and contaminations.
  • The recovery procedure is also straightforward.

If you need to find out about the treatment, you can book an appointment with us now.

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