Are you looking for an eyelash hair transplant in Mysore?

Are you worried about safety?

Well, Dr. Manas S N is offering the best eyelash hair transplant treatment in Mysore. He has performed more than 1000 successful hair transplant surgeries within five years, which makes him one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Mysore.

Eyelash hair is one of the most significant properties of your overall aesthetic image. It protects your eyes from dart and dust particles.

You may have used numerous over the counter products for your eyelashes. But all of them are temporary and artificial.

Whereas, you can get healthy and beautiful eyelashes through eyelash hair transplant permanently.

Eyelash hair transplant:

Eyelash hair transplant is a highly effective procedure to treat your improper eyelash hair and density. We extract healthy hair grafts from your scalp area and implant them into your eyelids. After a few months of completion of your treatment, your eyelash will get a dense look.

The treatment is beneficial for people who have lost their eyelash hair due to specific reasons like disease or trauma etc.

Eyelash Hair Transplant

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The procedure of Eyelash hair transplant:

To perform a successful eyelash hair transplant treatment, you will require 50 to 100 hair for each eyelid. However, the required number of hairs may vary from patient to patient according to their need.

The process of eyelash hair transplant treatment includes the following steps-

  • Cleaning the donor as well as the recipient area
  • Applying local anaesthesia
  • Extraction of healthy hair follicles from your scalp (FUE or FUT)
  • Stilt making on your eyelid area
  • Implanting those extracted hair follicles into the pockets one by one

The surgery requires high precision and excellent knowledge of doctor performing it safely and correctly. The whole treatment only requires 2 to 4 hours only.

How long will it take to recover?

It will take a few days to recover after the treatment. You may experience swelling and bruising in your scalp as well as eyelids. But all of them will go away in a few days.

Advantages of Eyelash hair transplant:

The benefits of eyelash hair transplant are as follows –

  • The treatment is least painful and minimally invasive as it is done by FUE and FUT treatment.
  • It provides the long-term solution from artificial eyelash enhancer
  • The transplanted hair will enhance your overall image
  • It will give you natural-looking and healthy hair after the treatment
  • You will get the required density of follicles in your eyelids
  • You will be free from any artificial eyelash extensions

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eyelash hair transplant

What is the cost of an eyelash hair transplant?

The cost of treating eyelash hair transplant depends upon many a thing. Mainly upon the number of grafts you require. We at Reniu Clinic charge Rs. Twenty to Rs. 25 for each graft. To know more, book an appointment.

Why choose Reniu Clinic?

We at Reniu Clinic perform the safest Eyelash hair transplant treatment in Mysore. We aim to understand our clients’ need thoroughly and then suggest them the best remedy.

Our highly skilled and experienced doctors are always ready to give you the best treatment. We take care of all your needs to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.

All our treatments are as per the international standards of modern medical science. Our clinic is well decorated with all type of advanced tools and technologies.

We provide different financial supports also for your smooth treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to undergo an eyelash hair transplant?

    Obliviously, the treatment is safe. There are no long-term side effects of the treatment.

  • How long will it take to give a visible result?

    After completion of your treatment, you need to wait for at least 12 months to see the visible result.

  • What kind of maintenance do you require after the surgery?

    The newly transplanted hairs on your eyelash need a little trimming to get the desired length and density.

  • Who can opt for the treatment?

    Any person who is suffering from light or scanty hairs on the eyelid area can opt for the treatment.

  • Is the treatment painful?

    No, the treatment is not painful at all.