Hair transplants from the body to the scalp and vice versa are possible with body hair transplants. Here is how it works.

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Hair transplant treatments have progressed significantly since the days of the all-too-obvious hair plugs. While the specific approach varies depending on whether a patient opts for follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT), the procedure typically begins with extracting and harvesting hair from the back of the head, where the hair above it will readily hide the scar.

Fue vs FutBut what if a patient doesn’t have enough hair to undergo a scalp transfer? A body hair transplant (BHT) in Mysore could be the solution.

What Should You Know About Body Hair Transplants?

Patients who have hair removed from a donor area on the body and transplanted to the scalp are usually repeat customers. “The absence of scalp donor supply from previous procedures is the number one reason for a BHT,” says Dr. Manas SN, a board-certified hair transplant doctor in Mysore who specializes in advanced hair transplant techniques.

In some situations, patients may require a BHT right away. “Ideal candidates can also have naturally thin, uneven, low-density hair and/or scalp injury impacting the normal donor sites,” he explains.

The beard, abdomen, chest, and back are potential donor sites. Follicles from the arms and legs are rarely used since the hair in those locations is too thin to be transferred to the scalp.

Body hair transplants can also work the other way. Hair transplantation from the scalp to the face or body is an option for some patients (eyebrows, chest, and pubic area). This could be a viable treatment option for those who have lost body hair due to chemotherapy, accident, or heredity.

What is the Cost of Body Hair Transplant?

Compared to regular scalp hair transplants, the body hair transplant cost in Mysore is slightly expensive. This is because a BHT is a time-consuming and involved procedure. It requires immense skills and precision.

Now, let’s discuss the,

Procedure of Body Hair Transplant 

Before having a body hair transplant, patients should avoid blood thinners, alcohol consumption, or smoking. In addition, the surgeon may advise patients on how to care for their hair in the weeks leading up to the procedure.

Before transplantation, some donor areas may need to be shaved and regrown.

While the length of a hair transplant relies heavily on the donor site and the number of grafts required, body-to scalp transplants can take up to 10 hours, significantly longer than the four to eight hours needed for scalp transplants. However, the recovery time and downtime for both treatments are comparable.

You should expect bleeding, swelling, and bruising, and the transplanted hairs should be treated with care for the first five days to allow them to settle correctly.

Scalp-to-body transplants are identical to body-to-scalp transplants in terms of process length, recovery time, and aftercare. Yet, scalp hairs tend to grow at a more predictable rate than body hair after transplantation.

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Results of Body Hair Transplant

Patients may be concerned when told that the results of their hair transplants would not be visible for weeks or even months, but the good news is that the outcomes are permanent.

You may need to avoid intense exercise, having your hair wet and/or cutting it for five to seven days, depending on the location where the hair was transplanted.

The shafts of the transplanted hairs begin to fall out after three weeks, and hair regrowth begins four to six months after surgery.

Patients should anticipate seeing ultimate results in 10 to 12 months for all types of body and hair transplants.


Patients who don’t have a sustainable supply of hair on their scalp or want to transplant hair to a region other than the scalp might consider body hair transplants, including both scalp-to-body and body-to-scalp procedures. The aftercare and results are identical to those of standard hair transplants, with permanent results visible in about a year.

Body hair transplantation is becoming increasingly popular, with more people expressing interest in the procedure. Make an appointment with proficient hair transplant doctors in Mysore at Reniu Clinic now to learn how you may improve the volume of your hair on your scalp by having hair transplanted from other regions of your body.

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