Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is one of the reasons for the bald scalp. It is a hereditary complication. That means the patient may have seen baldness and hair loss in their family members as well.

Hairline Reconstruction

We performed a Bio-FUE hair transplant with 1800 grafts. It was sufficient for the patient to undergo 1800 grafts hair transplant to redefine the perfect hairline.


FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant treatment in Mysore is the best solution for any hair loss-related complication or baldness. Hence many people in Mysore are availing for a hair transplant surgery to get back their scalp hair.


FUE Hair Treatment

In this case study, the patient was suffering from Massive hair loss and androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary complication that passes from one generation to another.


FUE Hair Transplant

The patient was prescribed hair regrowth medications like minoxidil 5% and Multivitamins. As a result, the patient got a natural-looking beautiful hairline after few months.