Doctor :

Dr Manas S N

Overview :

Androgenetic Alopecia is one of the reasons for the bald scalp. It is a hereditary complication. That means the patient may have seen baldness and hair loss in their family members as well.

Hair transplant treatment is the only solution for this. So, people in Mysore search for the best hair transplant clinic in Mysore.

Patient's Review :

  • Name : Unknown
  • Age : 29
  • Gender : Male

Symptoms :

The patient faced –

  • Massive hair loss on
  • hairline recession
  • Baldness on vertex and crown area.
  • Baldness Level 5

Test Performed :

After the first consultation, Dr. Manas S N, the best hair transplant doctor in Mysore, advised the patient of the following examinations.

  • CBC,
  • RBS,
  • LFT,
  • ECH,
  • CXR,
  • BT,
  • CT,
  • PTINR,
  • HIV,
  • HBsAg,
  • Anti-HCV,
  • Urea,
  • Creatinine.

Diagnosis :

Upon having the proper physical examinations, Dr. Manas S N diagnosed the patient with Grade 5 Andro Genetic Alopecia.

Treatment :

FUE hair transplant

Detail Description :

We Have performed an FUE hair transplant with 3500 grafts in the bald areas. The donor region was the back portion of the scalp. Our doctor provided the best hair transplant in Mysore. As a result, the treatment was successful.

Post-Treatment guidelines :

We have started minoxidil 5% solution and Multivitamins for ten days after the hair transplant surgery. After that, the patient was prescribed Growth Factor concentrate injections every month for six months.

Feedback :

The patient is pleased with the results of the hair transplant treatment. He got complete coverage on his scalp and an excellent hair density.

Before-After Images :

Case Study Images