Doctor :

Dr Manas S N

Overview :

Hair loss or baldness is the most common symptom of baldness. Alopecia is another name for it. Baldness is often passed down through the generations. However, it can be caused by a medical issue such as hormone imbalance or the ageing process.

The condition can have an impact on one’s self-esteem and looks. Hence, people suffering from hair loss and baldness look for the best hair transplant clinic in Mysore to achieve the most desirable hair transplant outcomes.

Patient's Review :

  • Name : Unknown
  • Age : 32
  • Gender : Male

Symptoms :

  • Hair thinning
  • Severe hair loss

Test Performed :

  • Preoperative blood tests for hair transplantation

Diagnosis :

Male pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia)

Treatment :

  • Bio FUE hair transplant
  • PRP therapy

Detail Description :

The patient visited Reniu Hair Clinic, one of the famous hair transplant clinic in Mysore, concerned about his hair loss. The patient shared with us how his hair loss had harmed his self-esteem. As a result, we assured the patient that he would receive the best hair transplant possible at our clinic.

Dr. Manav SN, one of the top hair transplant surgeons in Mysore, diagnosed that the patient has male pattern baldness. Dr. Manav recommended that the patient get a Bio-FUE hair transplant and PRP therapy to help with hair growth and density.

Bio-FUE is an innovative version of the FUE hair transplant procedure. In Bio-FUE, the surgeon takes hair grafts from the donor area and keeps them in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) solution. It is a nutrient-dense solution that helps hair grafts survive outside of the body. It also improves the hair grafts’ growth factors. The surgeon places these grafts in the bald area.

Dr. Manav SN performed a Bio-FUE hair transplant on the patient. In the bald area, the doctor implanted around 3000 hair grafts. The doctor also used PRP therapy to improve the outcomes.

Post-Treatment guidelines :

Dr. Manav prescribed certain medications to the patient after the hair transplant, including pain killers and antibiotics. He also gave the patient some post-operative instructions. Our clinic staff also checked in on the patient frequently to see how he was doing.

Feedback :

This is what the patient said, “I visited several different clinics before coming to Reniu Hair Clinic, but none of them seemed to meet my expectations. On the other hand, Reniu Clinic has surgeons with a wealth of experience and a warm demeanour. They continually monitored my progress following my hair transplant. Dr Manav SN performed my surgery, and I am pleased with the results. Thank you, Dr Manav and the entire staff of Reniu clinic.”

Before-After Images :

patients image