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Hair Transplantation is an effective treatment option to treat the problem of extensive baldness. But one of the main criteria that a candidate should satisfy to be eligible for a hair transplant treatment is that they should have a good donor area. Usually, the most appropriate donor area is the back of the scalp. But there are some cases when people do not have sufficient hair follicles on their scalp. In such cases, body hair has been proposed as an alternative source of hair, provided you have good body hair. This procedure of extracting healthy hair follicles from different parts of your body and transplanting them into the bald region of your scalp is known as body hair transplantation. This procedure improves hair density. The popular donor areas for body hair transplant in Mysore include the chest, arms, abdomen, and thighs.

Patient’s review


  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: 61 years
  • Gender: Male




  • Hair thinning
  • Poor hair density
  • Severe loss of hair


Tests performed


  • Blood Tests
  • Liver, sugar, and renal function tests
  • ECG
  • General examinations are done to rule out any contraindications for the surgery




Extensive Baldness




Body hair transplant in Mysore using the FUE technique


Detail Description


The patient was experiencing severe loss of hair and had poor hair density. After performing general examinations, blood tests, ECG, and other tests, it was found that the patient was suffering from extensive baldness. As the patient did not have sufficient hair on the scalp, our experienced hair transplant surgeon in Mysore, Dr. Manas S N, suggested going for body hair transplantation. The patient had good body hair and was fit to undergo a body hair transplantation as per the test reports. The hair of the chest was used for the transplant. Our hair transplant doctor in Mysore counseled the patient before the surgery, and the entire chest hair transplant procedure was explained to the patient in detail. The body hair transplant procedure was performed using the FUE method. The procedure was performed using local anesthesia. The healthy hair follicles from the chest were extracted and transplanted into the bald region.


Post-treatment guidelines


Dr. Manas S N prescribed certain antibiotics and ointments to the patient after the surgery, which helped the patient heal faster. The proficient hair transplant doctor in Mysore also gave some post-operative guidance to the patient. After following the doctor’s post-operative guidelines and taking the prescribed medications, it took the patient around five days to fully recover from the surgery. And as the body hair transplant was performed using the FUE method, the side effects were minimal, and there was no scarring.


Results after chest hair transplant in Mysore



The patient was highly satisfied with the results. After five months, the hairs showed satisfactory growth, and significant hair growth was seen after eight months. The density of hair improved.

Body hair transplant in Mysore

Patient’s feedback


“For chest hair transplant in Mysore, I highly recommend doing it at Reniu Clinic, Mysore. I am delighted with the results. Thanks to Dr. Manas S N and the amazing body hair transplant treatment he performed, not only my hair has grown significantly, but even my confidence has grown. Dr. Manas S N guided me throughout the hair transplant journey, including the pre as well as the post-operative phase of the surgery, thus making it possible for me to reach the destination of healthy hair and confidence!”