There’s high growth in demand for medical robots worldwide, and this market is just in its infancy. There are a lot of people around the world that suffer from hair loss – over 1.2 billion men around the globe suffer from some form of hair loss. Many of them have some form of hereditary hair loss.

We believe that many patients out there don’t understand the procedure of best hair transplantation in Mysore. They may be thinking about the techniques or results they have seen from many years ago – and the process of yesteryear has gone away. The new contemporary procedure that we can deliver with the help of robots is cutting-edge.

A robotic hair transplant procedure allows us to harvest hair follicles from the back of your scalp without a linear scar. So, instead of the old FUT or strip procedure, we’re using the robot to take a smaller than one-millimetre punch device – a tiny punch device – to punch out these little small grafts that contain one to three hairs.

With the latest and greatest system, we can implant extracted hair follicles using the robot.

Hair restoration is a very particular aesthetic procedure. You are transplanting an organ – the hair grafts, but you’re doing it a thousand times or maybe two thousand times.

A graft is tiny; it’s only a few millimetres in length and has a very delicate structure.

The first time you extract a graft to the implant, it must be just as accurate and as precise as the two-thousandth graft you’re implanting. So, the challenge is how do we do that procedure over two or three hours? But maintain the same accuracy and consistency?

And that’s where the robot comes into play. The idea is to give a natural appearance more than anything else. The robotic procedure allows us to do that by its algorithms to enable natural spacing from the back to not over-harvest.

So, we don’t traumatize existing hair and cause shock loss. It allows us a density that looks real but without spottiness here and too much density there.

So, it allows a better distribution of the grafts and prevents trauma at the same time – some of the things you have a hard time doing if you’re trying to do it by hand.

So, we get a question many times about how many people we have impacted, and I’m proud to say thousands and thousands of men have had a robotic hair transplant procedure.

You can monitor every single joint and know precisely how much force and how much torque that joint is producing. It has a significant advantage when it comes to safety, especially when working with surgical staff and our patients.

How beneficial is the robotic hair transplant treatment?

Harvesting graft hair with greater precision.

The extracted follicular units are of higher quality.

Hair follicular unit harvesting time has been reduced.

The use of robots to detect dense hair follicle units aids in the identification of hair follicle units.

Maximize performance while lowering the risk of scalp injury

Hair follicles can be extracted more easily from the side of the scalp.

Hair extraction is easier for patients of various ethnic backgrounds.

A traditional hairstyle or a history.

The efficiency and effectiveness at which the recipient site is prepared to have improved.

So, what is the cost of robotic hair transplant treatment in India?

The cost of robotic hair transplant in India by one of India’s best hair transplant doctors can range anything from Rs. 1lakh to 2.5 lakh on an average. We at Reniu Skin & Hair clinic charge near about Rs. 40 to Rs. 45 for each hair graft while performing the hair transplant treatment.

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