If you don’t like shaving, tweezing, or waxing to get rid of unwanted hair, optical device hair removal can be an option worth exploring.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that involves the use of a focussed beam of sunlight (laser) to remove unwanted hair.

An optical device generates a light-weight that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) within the hair during optical device hair removal. The sun’s energy is converted to heat, which destroys the spherical sacs beneath the skin that produce hairs (hair follicles). Future hair development is inhibited or delayed as a result of this injury.

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Is Laser Hair Removal a Long-Term Solution?

The FDA in the United States has authorized the procedure as a permanent reduction, which implies that the laser will not eliminate every single hair from a certain location. After the initial set of treatments, some people may require touch-up treatments once or twice a year to address any new growth the body may produce.

Should I Take Any Precautions During Treatment?

A patient is advised to adopt the following precautions during treatment: There will be no waxing or other root hair removal treatments used. After the treatment, aloe vera should be used to soothe the skin. Exfoliating and/or cleaning gently in the shower with a loofa after the treatment may help speed up the hair loss process.

How many laser treatment sessions will I require, and how often will they be required?

The number of treatments required is determined by the skin and hair color, hair density and coarseness, and the exact location to be treated. On average, six to ten treatments spaced four to six weeks apart will inhibit hair growth by 70 to 90 percent. Additional sessions may be necessary to remove hairs that have emerged from their latent state and are now active.

What Are The Most Common Laser Hair Removal Areas?

Underarms, male and female arms, underarms, and hands may all be treated with laser hair removal to achieve clean, hair-free underarms. Women spend the most time and money on their legs. The majority of home hair removal solutions are only effective for a short period. Permanent hair removal is possible with laser hair removal. Breasts: confidently expose your breasts. Waxing or shaving undesirable hair is something that most guys despise. Skin is silky smooth and hair-free after laser chest hair removal! Back and shoulder pain is difficult to manage on your own! In only a few sessions, laser hair removal treatments can permanently decrease unsightly back and shoulder hair. Full Body: Laser hair removal is quickly becoming the gold standard for hair removal, with both men and women opting for it. The most popular location for laser hair removal is the bikini line. The latest swimwear and intimate clothing may be worn with confidence thanks to pubic hair and Brazilian bikini treatments.


What are the post-laser hair removal guidelines to follow?

4 weeks previous to your first treatment and in between sessions, no waxing, threading, or bleaching. You can, however, shave a couple of times before your next appointment. For at least 7 days after the surgery, avoid extensive sun exposure. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 50 daily. After the treatment, do not use hot water, steam, or sauna for 48 hours. Don’t scrub too hard on the treated area.


Are There Any Laser Hair Removal Treatment Side Effects?

For the first 48 hours after the operation, the skin may seem somewhat red, elevated, or rough. Itching can occur in some people, although it is usually moderate and goes away quickly.

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