Hair loss

Hair loss and thinning have become a regular occurrence in everyone’s life, regardless of gender. It also doesn’t have an age limit, so it could happen to you while you’re as young as 22–25 years old.

Shocked?? But that’s the truth!!

The incidence of hair problems can be largely attributed to individuals’ demanding, hectic, and fast-paced lifestyles.

It is one main reason why many young men undergo hair transplant in Mysore. According to Dr. Manas S N, a prominent hair transplant surgeon in Mysore and founder of Reniu Clinic, there is a steady increase in patients visiting him every year for FUE hair transplant in Mysore.

The increase in demand can be attributed to long-lasting results, boosting self-confidence, and advanced hair restoration techniques like Bio FUE hair transplant in Mysore.


You surely must be wondering, what is a Bio FUE hair transplant?


Bio-FUE is a more advanced version of the FUE hair transplant procedure. Our surgeon takes hair grafts from the donor site and preserves them in a platelet-rich plasma solution during this surgery.

The nutrient-dense solution helps hair grafts to survive outside of the body. These grafts are then placed in the bald area, and due to the PRP’s catalytic action, it provides quicker, natural, and more successful results.


What is the procedure for Bio FUE hair transplant?

Bio Fue Hair

Step 1

Our experienced hair transplant doctor in Mysore will take a sample of your blood and spin it in the centrifuge to extract the regenerative cells from the blood sample.


Step 2

After the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area, the surgeon will immerse them in the regenerative cell substance to boost their resistance and survival rate.


Step 3

The surgeon will then transplant the hair follicles into the afflicted area in the proper direction and angle to get natural-looking results.


Step 4

Immediately after the transplant, the surgeon will inject the regenerative cells into the recipient area to promote hair development and boost the healing process.


How does Bio FUE hair transplant work?

PRP promotes hair development in the surrounding area, making the implant appear more natural. With the growth booster dose, it strengthens and revives the already weakening follicles.

Because of the combined use of unit extraction with the PRP process, it delivers excellent results. According to many studies, hair development following Bio FUE Transplant is more natural than hair growth after other treatments.

It is one of the most popular techniques for hair transplant in Mysore, as it is a stitch-less procedure. Dr. Manas S N, a hair transplant surgeon in Mysore is an expert in Bio FUE hair transplant.

If you are looking for a reliable and effective hair transplant clinic in Mysore, book an appointment at Reniu Clinic, a world-class hair restoration centre.


What is the cost of a Bio FUE hair transplant in Mysore?

Bio FUE is an innovative hair transplant process that incorporates two techniques into one. That means that the Bio FUE hair transplant cost in Mysore is determined by many factors, including the number of hair grafts necessary and the hair transplant clinic you choose.

The per graft charges for Bio FUE at Reniu Clinic are approximately Rs.35 to Rs. 40.


What are the advantages of Bio FUE hair transplant?

Improved hair growth – When PRP is combined with FUE, it enhances the growth rate of the hair and generates good coverage on the scalp, which aids in achieving a healthy hair density.


Better hair texture – The PRP treatment improves the texture of your hair. This technique ensures that you have beautiful, lustrous hair.


Solution for hair thinning – The procedure increases the growth of the implanted hairs and encourages the development of follicles in the surrounding area impacted by hair thinning. The regenerative cells restore the damaged hair cells.


No scars – Bio FUE transplants focus on unit follicle transfers, which results in very minimal scars on the scalp. It enables faster healing and, as a result, no scarring.


Faster recovery – PRP hastens the recovery of the entire scalp following surgery.


Cost-effective – The technique is highly cost-effective because it does not require long-term maintenance. Further, the effects of PRP last for a longer duration.


Contact us right now to learn more about the Bio FUE hair transplant in Mysore. We have performed hundreds of FUE hair transplants at Reniu Clinic utilizing this technology.

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