Laser treatments are gaining tremendous traction in cosmetic dermatology procedures as they are minimally invasive and help achieve outstanding results.

One such treatment which is in high demand is laser facial. This highly advanced professional facial helps overcome most of your skin woes by gently exfoliating the top layer and revealing the smooth, flawless skin beneath, free of scars, blemishes, and wrinkles.

Reniu Clinic, a state-of-the-art skin and hair clinic in Mysore, receives many inquiries for laser facials of late. This trusted and well-known centre is a one-stop destination for all your skin and hair problems.

Laser facial, one of their most popular treatments is often opted for by patients struggling with open pores, wanting to prevent signs of ageing, and looking to improve their skin tone.


What are the advantages of laser facial?

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During this treatment, the dermatologist uses a laser to remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. This helps eliminate damaged, ageing skin, making the skin smoother and flawless.


  • Penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to rejuvenate it effectively
  • A good solution for spider veins and acne scars
  • It makes the skin clearer, tighter and brighter
  • Reduces the appearance of open pores
  • Decreases facial hair
  • Long-lasting results
  • Minimal downtime

However, for safety and optimum results, getting this treatment from a dermatologist specializing in it is advisable. For cosmetic laser treatment in Mysore, you can visit Dr. Manas S N, the highly acclaimed dermatologist and founder of Reniu Clinic.


Who can undergo laser facial treatment?

If you wish to prevent or reduce the signs of ageing, and have a glowing complexion, this is the right treatment for you.

The laser facial is apt for you if you have:

  • Fine lines around your mouth and eyes
  • Dull, damaged skin
  • Sunspots and acne scars
  • Open pores
  • Skin laxity
  • Great skin and want to maintain it


What to expect?

Each patient’s treatment experience is different as it will depend on the location of the treatment, technique used, and tolerance level.

Laser facials are not painful; however, some dermatologists prefer numbing the treatment areas to ensure patients’ comfort. Depending on the severity of your issue, the doctor will either target the whole face or just the affected areas.


Various types of laser facial procedures

There are three types of laser treatment in Mysore, such as:


  1. Non-ablative

Non-ablative laser facial treats wrinkles, minor scars, and age spots. This safe and effective treatment only addresses the affected areas without damaging the surrounding skin.

It stimulates collagen production, thereby improving the skin tone and texture. However, you will need several sessions to get the desired results.


  1. Ablative

Ablative laser is the most appropriate choice for treating ageing skin. Here a powerful laser light is used to exfoliate the upper layer of your skin.

This laser facial helps overcome age spots, moderate wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. Over the period, as you age, you may need additional treatments.


  1. Photo facials

Also known as intense pulse light (IPL), photo facial is a result-oriented treatment for freckles, varicose veins, birthmarks, rosacea, and sun damage.

The IPL device releases light of different wavelengths to penetrate deeper into the skin to treat skin issues. You may require several sessions to get the best results.


You surely must be wondering about the procedure. Let’s get started.

Before procedure

Prior to your laser facial treatment, you will have to visit the dermatologist for a consultation. The doctor will examine your skin and find out whether you are prone to cold sores or fever blisters.

This will help the doctor to determine if you are an ideal candidate or not. Further, you will be asked to stop taking certain medications such as ibuprofen, vitamin E supplements, and aspirin a few days before the treatment.

If you smoke, you will have to stop at least two weeks before the treatment as it can hamper the result and recovery.

Dr. Manas S N, a top hair transplant surgeon, and specialist for laser treatment in Mysore, recommends visiting a medical professional for a laser facial to ensures safe and effective results. If done by an inexperienced person, it can cause irreparable damage to your skin.


Laser facial treatment

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Before the non-ablative laser procedure, they will clean your face and apply a carbon-based peel. Then with a Q-switched laser, the dermatologist will rejuvenate your skin.

In the end, the doctor will apply a cooling hydrating cream for comfort, followed by a brightening mask for glowing skin.

As for the ablative laser procedure, they will clean your face and numb the treatment area. A laser is passed on your face, which may cause slight redness and tingling sensation.

At the end of the treatment, ice is applied, followed by a repair mask. Then finally, the dermatologist will apply sunscreen.



In the case of a non-ablative laser facial, you will need multiple sessions to get the desired outcome. One session is enough to get the results you want with an ablative laser facial.

The outcome varies according to the severity of your issue. But you will surely experience a visible transformation in your skin and a reduction in the signs of ageing.


Steps to follow for better results

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You must keep your skin hydrated and use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more daily. Your skin will be extra sensitive to sunlight, so please take precautions. You will have to take extra care of your skin for a few weeks as it heals after the laser facial treatment.



Laser facial is an excellent treatment for all skin problems, including wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, and sun damage. It helps you achieve glowing, healthy, younger skin with quick recovery and longer-lasting results.

You can visit our world-class skin and hair clinic in Mysore for consultation with our expert dermatologist Dr. Manas S N. He will help you with the best cosmetic solution for your skin.



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