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Hair color is a new fashion, especially for the younger generation! It looks trendy and gives a stylish look.

People color their hair to look cool and enhance their appearance!

But they end up ruining the appearance of their hair. Yes, they experience severe hair loss and suffer from baldness. By coloring your hair, not only do you lose the original color of your hair, but you also lose your original hair!

By coloring your hair, you lose the original color of your hair and lose the color of joy in your life as coloring your hair can be damaging for your hair.

Don’t let hair color make your life colorless instead of making it colorful by causing hair loss and hair damage!

By making your hair colorful, don’t make your life colorless! Don’t let the excitement of getting a new look turn into gloominess.

This article states how you can get hair color done without sacrificing your beautiful hair.

Yes, you can color your hair and not let your life become colorless. You can avoid hair loss. And if you’ve already colored your hair and facing hair loss, don’t worry, there’s a solution to stop and treat this hair loss! You can get your hair loss problem treated by getting treatment from the best hair transplant clinic in Mysore, India.


Now, we will discuss how one can color their hair without sacrificing their hair.

How can one color their hair without damaging them?

The best hair specialist in Mysore suggests the following measures that one should follow if they wish to color their hair without damaging them.

  • Avoid using hair color containing ammonia: Ammonia is a chemical that is harmful to our hair. So, it is essential to use hair colors that do not contain chemicals like ammonia. It is advisable to use chemical-free and natural colors. Natural colors help you retain your natural hair.
  • Avoid bleaching: A hair transplant doctor in Mysore suggests one not go for a hair color that is more than 3 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This may lead to bleaching which in turn may damage the hair. Bleaching is harmful to hair and causes hair loss. Thus, it is essential to avoid bleaching.
  • Go for a protein treatment: People who are planning to color their hair should get a protein treatment done. Hair color weakens one’s hair. So, protein treatment is necessary to restore the strength of one’s hair and provide it with essential nutrients.
  • Use temporary hair color: It is better to use temporary hair color than permanent hair color. Permanent hair color can cause permanent damage to your hair. Permanent colors contain chemicals like ammonia which are harmful to hair and cause hair loss. So, it is essential to use temporary or semi-permanent colors that have fewer chemicals thus protect our hair from damage.
  • Use conditioners: Hair transplant specialists in Mysore advise people to use hair color that has a conditioner. Conditioners protect one’s hair from damage and make the hair smooth.
  • Take proper care: As hair color contains chemicals that can be damaging to one’s hair, it is essential to take extra care of one’s colored hair. To protect the joys, you get from coloring your hair, it is important to protect your colored hair by using a proper shampoo and conditioner. It is advisable to ask a hair transplant doctor in Mysore to give recommendations on how one can protect their colored hair and avoid hair damage.
  • Get hair loss treatment immediately: As the saying goes, “The sooner the better”. The sooner the hair loss problem is addressed, and treatment is provided, the better it is. You can get effective treatment for your hair loss by visiting the best hair transplant clinic in Mysore. Effective hair transplant treatments are provided there. The hair transplant cost in Mysore is also reasonable. With minimum cost, you can get the maximum benefits.


Coloring one’s hair is the latest trend. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to color one’s hair and click photos and share them on social media to garner maximum likes and comments. But to win likes don’t lose your hair! Don’t let the decision of coloring your hair turn expensive for you and your hair.

It is advisable to color one’s hair in the right way to get the right results! Using wrong methods of hair-coloring and using chemical hair colors lead to wrong results! Instead of enhancing your appearance, hair color will ruin your appearance by causing hair loss and baldness.

It will turn your excitement and joy into pain and sadness. So, don’t let that happen. And what if it has happened? Don’t worry. With proper hair transplant treatment from a hair transplant specialist in Mysore, you can get back your lost hair and your lost joy!

Don’t let colored hair make your life colorless! Don’t let the color of your hair vanish the color of joy in your life!

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