Platelet-rich Plasma treatment

Do you have a lot of hair fall when you shower?

When you comb your hair, does a palm full of hair fall out?

Is your hair on your frontline thinning or disappearing?

Do you find yourself worried and dissatisfied with your hair’s thinning?

Then schedule an appointment with Dr. Manas of Reniu Clinic in Mysore where you will receive the best hair transplant in Mysore. The finest hair transplant surgeon for PRP hair transplant at the lowest hair transplant cost. At Reniu Clinic, we provide a cutting-edge PRP hair treatment that promotes hair growth and density.

Why Dr. Manas for Advanced PRP hair treatment?

  • Manas is a skilled hair specialist who has treated numerous hair loss patients effectively using Advanced PRP hair therapy.
  • Manas offers sophisticated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, also known as growth factor concentrate (GFC) therapy. When compared to traditional PRP hair treatment, it is more gradual and successful.
  • When new technology is used to execute the cosmetic surgery, it produces positive outcomes. Dr. Manas has outfitted the Reniu Clinic with state-of-the-art technology that is required for cosmetic and reconstructive operations.
  • We provide affordable pricing packages for different hair loss and hair restoration procedures at Clinic.
  • Patients’ confidence is boosted by calming and comforting comments. Patients have complete faith in him for the finest, most natural, and successful treatment outcomes.

Now let’s know about the PRP hair treatment and how it works in hair loss.

What is Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment?

  • Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a painless and non-surgical procedure. It’s a therapy that’s both safe and effective, as well as inexpensive.
  • The utilisation of growth factor concentration in advanced PRP therapy is used to cure hair loss. It’s fairly safe and dependable. As a result, sophisticated PRP therapy is gaining traction over other treatments because to its positive outcomes and high success rate.
  • PRP treatment works by reintroducing growth factors into our bloodstream. Mesenchyme stem cells and autologous blood products are found in our blood. These components are necessary for the scalp tissue to be revived. Hair follicles can create the essential hair growth on the scalp after the scalp tissue regenerates.

You should know the actual process of PRP hair treatment before choosing it.

Process of PRP treatment

  1. First, we take 20 to 50 milliliters of blood from the patient’s arm.
  2. The separation of red cells and proinflammatory white cells is aided by spinning of blood samples.
  3. Furthermore, the centrifuged blood platelets are obtained in a plasma basis.
  4. Different growth agents are present in the plasma concentration that results.
  5. The undesirable proinflammatory material is then removed from the concentration.
  6. Down there, we now have the perfect golden coating of platelet-rich plasma concentrate.
  7. Alcohol or iodine is used to clean the afflicted area, such as a bald spot or a section of the scalp with sparse hair.
  8. Our PRP specialist uses an ultra-probe to do an ultrasound on the scalp to obtain the projector’s live pictures.
  9. The Platelet Rich Plasma will be injected into the thinning or balding region of the scalp by our Dermatologist.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

PRP hair therapy provides numerous benefits including,

  • The procedure is almost painless.
  • Only a 15- to 30-minute treatment is required.
  • There is no downtime or recovery time.
  • Blood flow to the follicle is increased.
  • The growth phase was triggered and sustained.

Are you the right candidate for PRP hair treatment?

PRP therapy can be a less effective treatment for some individuals. But PRP hair therapy, is something you should consider with your hair loss doctor if you:


  • Are in the early stages of hair loss.
  • Have regions of your scalp with “poor quality” hair growth where active hair follicles are still present.
  • Have alopecia areata in tiny patches.
  • Are in good health and do not have any blood diseases, liver disorders, diabetes, or skin problems.

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