Trichotillomania is a hair-pulling disorder common in people living in Mysore. In this, people have the urge to pull their hair even though they know this can damage their hair and lead to hair loss. They pull their hair as a response to dealing with stress.

The hair-pulling disorder makes them feel ashamed of themselves. They fear being labelled as insane by the outside world.

We all have urges. For example, if we see our favourite food or any tasty food like pizzas and samosas in front of us, we automatically feel the urge to eat it even though we know they are not good for our health.

People who have the habit of smoking and drinking, have the urge to smoke and drink even though they know that smoking and drinking are injurious to health. They still smoke and drink. But we never call such people insane.

The hair-pulling disorder is also just an urge just like other urges. So, there is nothing to feel ashamed about or think that you are insane.

Yes, but as hair-pulling can be damaging for your hair, it is necessary to take necessary measures to cure and treat the hair-pulling disorder.

Stress is one of the major causes of hair-pulling disorder. When the level of emotions especially negative emotions is high in people, they respond to their negative emotions by engaging in acts that may cause more harm.

For example, stress leads to negative emotions like anxiety and sadness. People mostly respond to these negative emotions by engaging in acts that cause self-harm like biting nails, chewing hair, etc. Pulling hair is one such act people engage in when they are under stress.

Hair-pulling disorder or Trichotillomania does not reduce stress but may reduce your hair which may lead to further stress. Hair-pulling causes great damage and loss and the biggest loss caused by it is hair loss. But there’s good news too!

One can reverse this damage by doing a hair transplant treatment from the best hair transplant clinic in Mysore. Yes, it is now possible to treat your hair loss caused by hair-pulling disorder by doing a hair transplant treatment from the best hair transplant doctor in Mysore.

One can even avoid further hair loss by treating Trichotillomania. But before understanding the treatment options available to treat Trichotillomania, first, let us understand the common symptoms and causes of Trichotillomania.

What are the symptoms of Trichotillomania?

The following are the common symptoms of Trichotillomania:

  • Frequently pulling one’s hair
  • Feeling tensed before pulling hair
  • A feeling of relief after acting on the urge of pulling hair
  • Pain and distress caused due to hair-pulling
  • Bare patches in the area where hair has been pulled out
  • Chewing or eating hair

What are the common causes and risk factors associated with hair-pulling disorder?

The way you deal with emotions and urges plays a great role in the development of Trichotillomania.

Certain risk factors lead to Trichotillomania. They are as follows-

  • Age: Young teens are more prone to get Trichotillomania.
  • Genetic factors: Genes may also be one of the causes for developing Trichotillomania.
  • Stress: Stress is not only the cause but also the effect of Trichotillomania. Yes, stress causes Trichotillomania and is also a consequence of Trichotillomania.
  • Psychological disorders: People with psychological disorders find it difficult to manage their negative emotions. They may resort to hair-pulling etc. to deal with their negative emotions.

How can the hair-pulling disorder be treated?

The hair-pulling disorder can cause great damage to your hair as well as your skin.

So, it is important to treat the hair-pulling disorder as soon as possible by using the following techniques-

1. Manage Stress:

By managing stress through yoga and meditation, one can get rid of their hair-pulling disorder and prevent hair loss. Yoga and meditation help one to manage their negative emotions in a better way and helps people in regulating their negative emotions, thoughts, and urges thus helps in regulating Trichotillomania and hair loss.

2. Changing the habit:

One can break a habit by making a new habit. Changing your habit and forming new, less harmful habits to deal with stress can help you get rid of harmful acts like pulling your hair, etc. And for changing a habit and forming a new habit, the start is the most important. It is the start that with time, eventually grows into a habit.

3. Cognitive therapy:

It is the thoughts and feelings that lead to actions. Using cognitive therapy, one can alter their thoughts and feelings and thus alter their actions and refrain from hair-pulling.

Other than the above-mentioned techniques there are certain drugs to control the symptoms of Trichotillomania. They are as follows-

Hair- loss is one of the biggest losses caused by the hair-pulling disorder. Hair loss may cause embarrassment and may lower one’s confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss can be treated by getting a hair transplant done by a hair transplant surgeon in Mysore. One can also avoid hair loss by treating Trichotillomania through the treatment options mentioned above.



This article made us understand Trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder, its symptoms, causes, and treatment. Trichotillomania may not only lead to hair loss but also loss of self-esteem and confidence.

But with hair transplant treatment from a hair transplant doctor at Mysore and by taking proper treatment for treating Trichotillomania, one can not only redeem from Trichotillomania, but also redeem their lost hair, self-esteem, and confidence.

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