reasons for hair loss

Every day, you shed a few hairs. Hair loss that is more severe than average can be distressing and worrying.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including female and male trait baldness. If you are from Mysore, before prescribing the proper medication, the best hair transplant doctor in Mysore may want to investigate your condition.

We’ll discuss the most common hair loss reasons and how effective hair transplant treatment is a recovery option.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

1. Androgenetic alopecia

Female or male trait baldness is referred to as androgenetic alopecia. It’s a typical reason for hair loss.

It is also inherited. The hair on your scalp seems to fall out in males. Hair usually thins out from the head in the case of females.

2. Pregnancy

Shortly after giving birth, some women can suffer severe hair fall, attributed to a drop in hormone levels in the body. It usually is just temporary and goes away in few months.

3. Alopecia areata

It is an infectious disease that triggers spontaneous hair loss. Hair follicles, like all healthy body components, are attacked by an overactive immune system. It can affect your eyebrows and eyelashes along with scalp hair as well.

If you have this issue, you should avail hair loss treatment in Mysore. Your doctor can prescribe medication to help the hair regrow.

4. Alopecia due to traction

Hair loss caused by tight hairstyles that allows it to crack and fall loose is known as traction alopecia. This complication is correlated with the following hairstyles:

  • braids
  • extensions
  • cornrows
  • tight buns
  • ponytails

If it is not treated, it can lead to baldness and hair thinning.

Avoiding hairstyles that require traction would usually help in terms of self-care.

5. Prescription drugs

Hair loss may occur as a side effect of some drugs. Like:

  • Antidepressants, such as Zoloft and Prozac
  • beta-blockers
  • medications for lowering cholesterol, like Lopid
  • blood thinners, such as warfarin Accutane

If you believe your hair loss is caused by a prescription drug you are taking, you should visit the hair transplant clinic in Mysore. The doctor will be able to lower the dose or change the medication.

6. Deficits in nutrition

If you have a nutritional deficiency, then you can suffer from hair loss. Excessive hair shedding may be caused by a diet lack of protein, some vitamins, such as iron.

When a person’s hair is falling out, they should visit a doctor for a blood test to see if they have a dietary disorder.

Now let us see why you should opt for a hair transplant treatment?

You can get the best hair transplant in Mysore at the Reniu clinic. The causes of availing of a hair transplant at the Reniu clinic are as follows.

  • Hair transplant surgeries are entirely risk-free. Hair transplant procedures, unlike other traditional treatments, do not render you unconscious. The treatment can be completed with just a small amount of sedation.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant that leaves no scars on the scalp. This is safer and more convenient than older procedures like Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT or strip method). The patient is released shortly after the surgery. The next day, he will return to work and daily activities.
  • Hair transplant surgery is not a painful procedure. Hair transplant surgeons perform their work using small needle-like devices that inflict minor discomfort. The patient would not feel any pain due to the use of sedation.
  • FUE or FUT hair transplants are 100 percent normal and have long-term outcomes. They evolve in a usual way all over life. However, if the patient develops new areas of baldness, additional transplants may require.
  • Hair transplants, unlike other hair loss medications, have no adverse side effects. They’re harmless and won’t damage the body or vital organs in any way. On the other hand, a hair transplant boosts your fertility by allowing your hair follicles to mature naturally.
  • Hair transplants remove the social stigma associated with baldness. Androgenic alopecia may occur as early as the mid-twenties. As you grow older, your hairline thins, making your social and personal life difficult. People who are bald lose their faith and avoid social gatherings for fear of being judged by their peers. These individuals have benefited enormously from hair transplants.

Besides these, hair transplant as a hair loss treatment in Mysore is easily affordable for everyone.

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